Accounting Department

Welcome as a new employee to the VE Accounting Department.  As in every employment position you are hired into you must go through professional employee training. The topics listed below will be the focus of your employee training. Your supervisor (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO) will be responsible for providing your department with employee training sessions that will take place every friday of the week.

Finance &  Accounting


1. Basic Excel – Spreadsheet Application

2. Basic Accounting concepts

  • The Accounting Equations  Chapter 1 (1-1)AccountingCh1
  • How transactions affect the Accounting Equation Chapter 1 (1-2)AccountingCh1
  • How transactions affect Owner’s Equity Chapter 1 (1-3)AccountingCh1

 3. Recording Basic Accounting Transactions

4. General Journal Entries (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable journals)

4. Preparing a Bank reconciliation

5. Importance of Accounting  & Business Ethics

 The Arthur Anderson/Enron Scandal

Assignment: Write a one page essay summarizing the events that led to the collapse of Arthur Anderson and Enron and discuss the importance of Accounting and Business Ethics in financial reporting and everyday business activities.

6. Careers in Accounting – 


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