Human Resource Department

Welcome as a new employee to the VE Human Resource Department.  As in every employment position you are hired into you must go through professional employee training. The topics listed below will be the focus of your employee training. Your supervisor (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO) will be responsible for providing your department with employee training sessions that will take place every friday of the week.



HR Systems


  1. Understanding Organizational Structure (Intro to Bus—Chapter 7 page 116)
  2. Developing an effective employee File Management System (Physical File system for class)
  3. Employees are the Key to Success (Intro to Bus—Chapter 15 page 254 Careers in HR)
  • How a company attracts and rewards good employees
  • What HR managers should consider about job applicants
  1. Development and Retention of Employees—(Intro to Bus -Chapter 15 page 254 Careers in HR)
  • Responsibilities of HR managers after they have hired a new employee
  • Status of employees & changes
  1. 5.      Careers in HR (