Sales Department

Welcome as a new employee to the VE Sales Department.  As in every employment position you are hired into you must go through professional employee training. The topics listed below will be the focus of your employee training. Your supervisor (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO) will be responsible for providing your department with employee training sessions that will take place every friday of the week.


  1.  The Value of Selling MarketingCh17-1
  2.  Preparation for Effective Selling MarketingCh17-2
  3. The Selling Process and Sales Support MarketingCh17-3

4.  Making Effective and Professional Oral Presentations (Essentials of Business Communications)

5.  Recording, Monitoring & meeting sales quotas   (RELATE TO FINANCE)

  • Sales journals
  • Sales goals

6.  Careers in Sales & Marketing MarketingCh23-2MarketingCh23-3MarketingCh23-1