VE Job Position Research Document


Your Name:___________________________

This exercise will have you develop a detailed summary sheet for each of the top 3 job choices you have decided on. Within each summary sheet you MUST provide not only the required information about the job/career, but an insightful 3-5 sentence essay explaining why you feel that your qualifications(classes taken, work experience, career assessment results or personality) would make you a good candidate for your desired position in Soltech International.

Resource websites for Employment/Job Information

Job Title:_____________________________________________________

Job Description: (using the web links above develop an accurate job description(summary) of the position you are seeking.











Required Tasks/Skills:







Required Schooling/Courses/Certifications:









Salary Ranges:


College Majors:


Your “Summary of Qualifications”(the insightful essay about why you are qualified)

















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